Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Taxi24Mallorca

Before booking your taxi, read the terms and conditions carefully. At the time you make the reservation with Taxi24Mallorca.com, you legally accept the link to the terms and conditions indicated below.

These booking conditions affect the person who makes the reservation of a taxi on your behalf and all those people for whom you make the reservation.


Reservations must be made online through our website www.Taxi24Mallorca.com.

The person making the reservation accepts the terms and conditions on their behalf and for each companion in the group.

The person making the reservation must be over 18 years of age.

Taxi24Mallorca.com is not responsible for errors made in the services provided due to erroneous or omitted information in the reservation of the taxi service.

The final payment of the reservation will be made at the end of each journey, and can be paid in cash or by credit card. You can request a receipt from the taxi driver. We accept payments in euros by credit, debit or cash card.

Your reservation will only be valid if you receive the confirmation email, it will be answered within a maximum period of 24 hours.

The reservation is made directly with Taxi24Mallorca.com, without intermediaries or agencies.

Once the reservation is confirmed, Taxi24Mallorca.com guarantees the fulfillment of the contracted service.

Taxi24Mallorca.com reserves the right to:

  • Cancellation of the reservation in the event that any of the information provided in the form is false.
  • Cancellation of the reservation if the transport of animals, bicycles, bulky luggage or children that require chairs, accessories or equipment for the Taxi is not notified.

Remember that if the plane is delayed or there is any circumstance beyond your control (lost luggage …), this does not mean an increase in the price of the contracted service, but please notify the taxi driver who is waiting for you at the terminal, Thank you. Please let us know about this situation in case it happens to the phone number (0034) 611 16 46 43.


Taxi24Mallorca.com reserves the right to update its price list without prior notice.

If at the time of booking the indicated address does not correspond to the destination, the amount of the actual destination will be invoiced.

The prices shown in the list are final prices, with all supplements, tolls and taxes included.

The prices in the list of rates are per vehicle, regardless of the number of passengers.

All services will be carried out with a meter in operation, respecting the final agreed price at all times.


In the event of having to cancel or modify the taxi reservation, you must do so by contacting us, via e-mail, WhatsApp or SMS.

If you have booked your return journey and decide to cancel it, please, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, since we are traveling from Palma.

The cancellation or modification of the reservation does not entail any type of cost.

Due to availability reasons we cannot guarantee that all changes are feasible, even so, we will try at all times to adapt to your requests.


Taxi24Mallorca.com reserves the right to cancel your reservation even if it is confirmed for the following reasons:

  • The destination address does not match the reservation details.
  • If the transport of animals is not indicated in the reservation form.
  • If the luggage is greater than specified in the reservation.
  • If the number of passengers is higher than the agreed.
  • The destination address is imprecise and this is an impediment to the development of a good service.


Delayed flights will not incur any additional cost to the final price of your reservation.

Taxi24Mallorca.com reserves the right to bill an additional amount, if the waiting time is greater than 15 minutes compared to the agreed time on your return journey.


The person making the reservation must specify all their luggage, including the following: surfboards, golf clubs, bicycles, baby carriages, pets or other large items, in this way, we will ensure that the capacity of the reserved vehicle is appropriate. If upon arrival at the airport, the luggage does not correspond to what is indicated in the reservation, exceeding the luggage compartment capacity, you will have to bear the costs of transporting the excess luggage.

The delay in the reception of your luggage will not imply an additional cost of the service. Please notify us of this situation if it happens to the telephone number (0034) 611 16 46 43.

The maximum number of authorized passengers per taxi is 4 people, children and babies count as one seat. If you need any type of child restraint device, it must be requested in the reservation form and it will be provided at no additional cost.

We inform you that by regulations it is forbidden to make return journeys originating in the municipalities. To avoid uncomfortable situations for the client, these municipalities are already blocked in the reservation form, not allowing such contracting

Upon arrival at the airport, we would appreciate it if you could contact us by phone via SMS or WhatsApp informing us when you are waiting for your luggage.


Taxi24Mallorca.com guarantees the privacy of the data provided in the reservation form. The purpose of processing your personal data is to be able to offer you the service requested by you, in addition to the legal purposes established by Law, as well as the requirements of the Public Authorities.

You can consult all the information regarding the processing of personal data that the Owner collects on the Privacy Policy page .