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origin Airport
destination Pollensa
85€ Day (06-21h)
85€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

Destination Pollensa

Pollensa is a small town in the north of Mallorca very famous for its history, its events, and its port. But it is also a place known for being the chosen place of residence for many artists, musicians and writers.

Our taxi transfer service takes you to Pollensa with all the comforts so that you have a most pleasant trip.

Travel with Taxi 24 Mallorca from Palma Airport to Pollensa. Enjoy its history, its culture and pleasant walks through the beautiful streets that identify this place so much.

Mallorca taxi transfer Pollensa Palma Airport

Taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Pollensa

Pollensa has a history closely linked to the legendary order of the “Knights Templar”. The “Palace of the Templars” is still in the city, next to Font des Galles. In the main square, any visitor can find a famous tavern that still has the image of a knight carved on its door.

After the Templars came the Jesuits, who built the Church of Pollensa called Monti Sion in 1697, from where you can access the 365 steps that lead us to El Calvari. The walk is surrounded by cypresses and on the way you can see some interior patios of the traditional houses of Pollensa. At the top it offers spectacular views of the area surrounding this picturesque town.

In Plaça Mayor is the 17th century parish church, where one of the best markets in Mallorca is held every Sunday. It is a weekly event that attracts thousands of residents and tourists.

In addition, the square has a wide variety of cafes where you can enjoy a drink and then walk through the streets and discover the beauty of its historic buildings.

There is much to see and visit in Pollensa. An unavoidable route is El Puig de María, a 330-meter high mountain from where you get stunning views and the feeling of peace and tranquility is sublime. There is a beautiful chapel, a defense tower, a church and a reformatory.

Dionís Bennàssar House Museum exhibits many works by the artist (a native of the town).

Convent of Santo Domingo de Pollensa, is a jewel for architecture lovers, thanks to its sandstone design and an interior in which various artists exhibit their works.

If you are looking to visit Pollensa on its most special days, you have a lot to choose from. At Easter, Pollensa attracts a large number of tourists who come to see a very exciting religious event that takes place on the Via Crucis, the ‘Davallament’.

Los Claustros de Santo Domingo in the city center become the scene of open-air concerts every summer, which are part of the famous Pollensa Music Festival.

With an average of 40 wineries participating each year, Fira del Vi presents the perfect opportunity to discover award-winning wines in a special environment within the convent.

But, in addition, the streets of Pollensa have small shops and very diverse boutiques, where you can find crafts, jewelry, fashion and leather products.

For foodies, it is also a true paradise. There is a wide variety of shops and restaurants where you can buy and taste typical products or even the most delicatessen that this popular town on the island of Palma de Mallorca offers.

Mallorca taxi transfer Pollensa Palma Airport

A direct transfer taxi service to Pollensa

Our taxi transfer service takes you to Pollensa directly from Son Sant Joan International Airport – PMI.

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Mallorca taxi transfer Pollensa Palma Airport