Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport PMI to Felanitx. Official Taxi Service in Mallorca

origin Airport
destination Felanitx
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origin Airport
destination Felanitx
75€ Day (06-21h)
75€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

Destination Felanitx

Felanitx is a well-known town in the southeast of Mallorca. Just 50 kilometers from Palma, it is considered an interesting wine region, the most important in Mallorca.

Taxi 24 Mallorca takes you directly from Palma Airport to Felanitx. Enjoy its capers, its wine, and everything that this wonderful town offers you so that you can spend some unique vacation days.

Mallorca taxi transfer Felanitx Palma Airport

Taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Felanitx

Felanitx is one of the quintessential tourist spots in Mallorca. Its visitors contribute to the economic development of the area, that is why it has excellent commercial facilities. And for those who prefer the really traditional, there is its weekly market every Sunday, or the permanently installed booths that sell typical products.

Those who take a walk and browse Felanitx, are fascinated with El Castell de Santueri and the Monastery of San Salvador. Both magnificent historical buildings stand high on the highest points of the mountains and offer unique views of the surrounding fields.

In the town, the church of San Miguel, known for its extensive staircase at the entrance, is also a must.

Once you have explored the town, one of the best experiences you can have in Felanitx is visiting its vineyards and tasting the local wine. There are different routes programmed to carry out activities of this type.

Hiking and cycling is a good way to get into its peaceful and quiet landscape, even during high season.

Felanitx is close to the sea, and has a beautiful cove called “Sa Nau”, which winds inland from the coast and offers fine sand and crystal clear waters.

The most important days of this well-known place are marked by its festivals in May, August, September and October. A long time to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Felanitx to the fullest.

Mallorca taxi transfer Felanitx Palma Airport

A direct transfer taxi service to Felanitx

Our taxi transfer service takes you to Felanitx directly from Son Sant Joan International Airport – PMI.

Felanitx is the perfect place for hiking and cycling routes that revolve around the culture of wine. It also offers fantastic trails where you can breathe a peaceful atmosphere and get unparalleled views.

Taxi 24 Mallorca has comfortable taxis, a bicycle transport service, and large trunks so that you can take all the luggage you need with you.

And, if you are traveling with children, don’t worry because you can have up to 3 baby seats.

We take you on a taxi trip around Mallorca; Check out all the destinations we have at your disposal!

Mallorca taxi transfer Felanitx Palma Airport