Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport PMI to Cala Mandia. Official Taxi Service in Mallorca

origin Airport
destination Cala Mandia
85€ Day (06-21h)
85€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

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origin Airport
destination Cala Mandia
85€ Day (06-21h)
85€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

Destination Cala Mandia

Cala Mandia or (Cala Mendia), is a beautiful beach with fine white sand that belongs to the municipality of Manacor. It is very small but offers everything you may need to rest and relax.

Taxi 24 Mallorca takes you directly from Palma Airport to this 55 meter long cove, Cala Mandia. A natural pool with clean turquoise waters that will make you disconnect from everything.

Mallorca taxi transfer Cala Mandia Palma Airport

Taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Cala Mandia

Cala Mandia is flanked by 2 cliffs. Sometimes the wind brings algae to its shores, but they accumulate on the sides of the cove without muddying its translucent waters.

It is located near highly urbanized areas but, in the cove itself, there are no houses. Simply a natural landscape to enjoy an unbeatable vacation.

As a particularity, it allows you to both swim and walk to other nearby coves. Therefore, in addition to sunbathing, we can go for a walk or move without problem to other areas.

The activity par excellence is snorkeling, but we cannot forget the excursions along the trails that start and end at Cala de Mandia.

It is a cove suitable for boats, since its sandy bottoms are totally suitable for anchoring.

In addition, it has many services: showers, toilets, rental of chairs or hammocks … to enjoy an unbeatable rest.

Mallorca taxi transfer Cala Mandia Palma Airport

A direct transfer taxi service to Cala Mandia

Our taxi transfer takes you to Cala Mandia directly from Son Sant Joan International Airport – PMI.

Enjoy the beach, the sun, and the different walking routes that the area offers you.

Taxi 24 Mallorca has comfortable taxis, a bicycle transport service, and large trunks so that you can take all the luggage you need with you.

And, if you are traveling with children, don’t worry because you can have up to 3 baby seats.

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Mallorca taxi transfer Cala Mandia Palma Airport