Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport-PMI to Alcúdia. Official Taxi Service in Mallorca

origin Airport
destination Alcúdia
80€ Day (06-21h)
80€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

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origin Airport
destination Alcúdia
80€ Day (06-21h)
80€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

Destination Alcúdia

Alcúdia is a municipality in Mallorca known for its paradisiacal beaches that each year attract thousands of tourists eager to spend a few days of rest and sun.

Taxi 24 Mallorca takes you directly from Palma Airport to a place that stands out for its coast, its rich gastronomy, and its important cultural and historical heritage: Alcúdia.

Mallorca taxi transfer Alcúdia Palma Airport

Taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Alcúdia

Alcúdia is a town located in the north of Mallorca, 57 km from the capital. This municipality forms a peninsula between Pollensa Bay and Alcúdia Bay, which many describe as a magical corner.

It is a unique town where you can find remains of Roman cities, castles and different historical buildings inherited from the civilizations that passed throughout History (Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans).

The city is accessed through the old gates of the Wall, declared a National Monument, from which you will enjoy impressive views.

Also noteworthy is the beautiful Sant Jaume Church, or its pedestrianized old town full of stately homes, souvenir shops or striking restaurants.

You cannot miss the port of Alcúdia, one of the most important on the island of Palma, where it is possible to access a wide range of sports and leisure activities, as well as restaurants and shops.

But, without a doubt, the biggest secret and attraction in Alcúdia are its 20 paradisiacal beaches and coves with white sand and turquoise water. Magazine cover paradises that actually exist, and they are in this wonderful place.

Mallorca taxi transfer Alcúdia Palma Airport

A direct transfer taxi service to Alcúdia

Our taxi transfer service takes you to Alcúdia from Palma Port or Son Sant Joan International Airport – PMI so that you can enjoy its historic streets, its beaches, or its wonderful gastronomy.

Don’t leave without trying the peasant bread with tomato and garlic: pa amb oli!

Taxi 24 Mallorca has comfortable taxis with large luggage compartments, and also a transport service for bicycles or golf sticks.

And, if you are traveling with children, don’t worry because you can have up to 3 baby seats.

We take you on a taxi trip around Mallorca, do not forget to consult all the destinations that we have at your disposal.

Mallorca taxi transfer Alcúdia Palma Airport