Taxi Transfer from Palma Airport PMI to Costixt. Official Taxi Service in Mallorca

origin Airport
destination Costixt
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origin Airport
destination Costixt
60€ Day (06-21h)
60€ Night (21-06h) & weekend

Destination Costixt

Costitx is a beautiful town in the center of Mallorca that preserves the authentic spirit of Palma de Mallorca: old houses that keep the Mallorcan aesthetic, and small alleys that you will not tire of walking while you observe the surroundings.

Taxi 24 Mallorca takes you directly from Palma Airport to Costixt: enjoy a unique experience in this traditional town in Palma de Mallorca, ideal both for a good rest and to get to know the Balearic culture in depth.

Mallorca taxi transfer Costixt Palma Airport

Taxi transfer from Palma Airport to Costixt

Costixt is the town of Mallorca that has the most archaeological remains per square meter. It is believed that in the past it was a Roman settlement before the Muslim empire settled there.

Its Sanctuary of Son Corró is famous, dating from the Talayotic period; a historical period in which the cult of the bull was very common. Unfortunately, the sculptures found there are exhibited in Madrid, but in Costixt there are many more sites worth visiting.

In Casal de Cultura, the town’s museum, you can find replicas of the three bronze bull heads that were found in the archaeological site of Son Corró.

On Rafael Horrach street is the Museum of Natural Sciences. There you can see everything in terms of the Iberian-Balearic fauna, geology and paleontology. Different species of reptiles, fish, birds and mammals are kept in glass cases.

In addition, there is a guided archaeological route that attracts many tourists. It is an excursion of almost three hours, perfect to do on foot or even by bicycle, where visitors can discover the archaeological history lived for 3,000 years in that area.

In Costitx is one of the stars of Balearic Islands: the Observatory, the first to detect the (410777) 2009 FD Asteroid in 2009, considered by NASA as high risk in terms of collision with the earth.

Costix is ​​not a shopping area, but there are grocery stores and some pharmacies. Its weekly market on Saturdays is famous, where you can find fresh produce, clothing and footwear. In addition, it has different bars and restaurants that offer very tasty typical food, and rural hotels that everyone who stays in them will love.

There are several important dates for the town of Costitx: The Fira de la Flor that is celebrated every May 1st, and Natividad de la Virgen that has its day on September 8.

They are festivals worth seeing for their activities in honor of flowers, the decoration of those days in the town, or the large markets that are established there and attract many visitors.

Mallorca taxi transfer Costixt Palma Airport

A direct transfer taxi service to Costitx

Our taxi transfer service takes you to Costitx directly from the port or Son Sant Joan International Airport – PMI.

Experience in your own skin the wonders offered by one of the most traditional historical towns of Palma de Mallorca. Enjoy excursions along its trails and guided routes on foot or by bike.

Taxi 24 Mallorca has comfortable taxis, a bicycle transport service, and large trunks so that you can take all the luggage you need with you.

And, if you are traveling with children, don’t worry because you can have up to 3 baby seats.

We take you on a taxi trip around Mallorca; do not forget to consult all the destinations that we have at your disposal.

Mallorca taxi transfer Costixt Palma Airport