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Where do I meet the taxi driver at the airport?
The taxi driver will receive you personally at the MEETING POINT with a panel and your name on it, in front of door number 4.

What happens if your flight is late?
You do not have to worry as we are in constant contact with the airport. We know the arrival of your flight. If you have any problems with your luggage due to loss or delay, it is convenient if you inform your taxi driver.

What is the price from the airport to your destination?
All prices include all taxes. You can see the prices on the pricelist. All indicated prices are maximum prices without any surprise for you.

Do you make other transfers (for example to Palma de Mallorca)?
If you cannot find the price on the pricelist, please contact us as we offer other destinations in Palma or to the port. We can drive you to Calviá but cannot collect you there.

How many passengers are allowed in one car?
The service is for 4 people plus the driver. Children and babies count as adults. We dispose of children’s seat without any further payment, depending on the age of the children.

What is the biggest volume of luggage? Which suitcases, packages etc. can be loaded into the taxi?
Please indicate us on the Reservation form how many suitcases and special luggage you have (Surfboard, animal cage, golf-club, wheelchair, etc.). Please describe this luggage and we help you without any further cost.

Do Children count as adults?
Children and babies count as adults. We have children’s seat depending on age and weight, without any further cost. Please indicate details on the Reservation form.

Which is the total price? Are there further expenses?
The only additional cost is the surcharge for night transfers which are indicated on our prices. The indicated prices are total prices with all taxes included, without any surprise for our clients.

Which means of payments do you accept?
At the end of your trip the client pays in cash. You do not have to pay a reservation fee.

What has to be done after your booking?
After your reservation by internet, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you wish to phone us and we do not immediately answer, we are busy. You can always contact us.

What is the most convenient time to pick us up on our way back to the airport?
We recommend to pick you up 3 hours before your departure time.

What is the difference between my taxi and the other ones?
Please take a look at the pictures on our web and you will see the shield and the colours of our taxi.

Can I cancel a reservation if there is a problem?
If there is a change we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible to change or cancel the booking.